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As one of the world’s fastest growing retailers, we’ve always got great career opportunities available across all of our Coles Brands (Supermarkets, Liquor & Coles Express). The generalist program enables you to rotate through many different teams across Coles, discovering what you really love.

If you haven’t already, make sure you check out more info About the program, the Real stories from our graduates and of course our Events, Key Dates & FAQ page! 

Program FAQ

Buying and Trading

How do you determine what products are selected for sale in-store? How do you make sure customers get the right products at the right price? How do you launch a product promotion so it is successful in-store?

As a Buying and Trading Graduate you join a diverse and talented team responsible for the success of our products and ultimately customer satisfaction, from building relationships, to negotiating with suppliers and developing new product ranges.

Example rotations:
  • Range and Space
  • Category Management Grocery
  • Category Management Fresh
  • Category Management Non-Food

Central Operations

How do we effectively communicate between our store support centre and our stores? How do we manage the many product offerings within our stores? How do you inspire and develop a store team to work efficiently and effectively to deliver the best shopping experience for our customers?

Central Operations provides you an immediate opportunity to be challenged as a leader. As a Central Operations graduate, you will be a vital link between our back of house operations and our stores whilst balancing the uniqueness of our customer base.

Example rotations:
  • Store Communications
  • Operations Merchandise Support
  • Customer Checkout and Systems
  • Change Management Office

Coles Express

Who and what fuels the engine that is Coles Express?

If you join Coles Express as a graduate you will have the opportunity to work with a passionate and diverse team looking to revolutionise the current fuel and convenience offer in Australia.

Over your two year journey you will be exposed to multiple areas of the Express business, working cross functionally with dynamic teams in areas such as Marketing, Buying and Trading, and Supply Chain. These rotations will provide you with a holistic view of how business operates from end to end. You will be challenged with real responsibility, real accountability and the opportunity to make a real difference.



Example rotations:
  • Buying and Trading (merchandise)
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Operations
  • Business Transformation
  • Property

Corporate Affairs

How do you ensure a major health scare or product recall reported widely in the media doesn’t impact our trusted brand? How do you share the successes of our team members with our customers and wider community? How do you publicise a new product or store opening? How do you ensure each store is at the heart of its community?

Corporate Affairs at Coles is diverse, challenging and strategic, with a finger always on the pulse. The small specialised team is at the frontline of communications, working directly with stakeholders, journalists and our team to ensure that Coles is known around Australia as a brand that can be relied on and trusted. Crisis and issues management, managing policy and regulations with state and federal governments, fostering community and charitable relationships, creating publicity for our great range of products, stores and services, working with industry bodies and sharing our story with our team members—Corporate Affairs does it all!

Example rotations:

  • Internal Communications
  • Community & Sustainability
  • Public Affairs
  • National Media

Digital (IT, Coles Online & flybuys)

Do you go that extra mile to really personalise the experience? Do you want to be instrumental in changing the retail landscape for our customers? Giving them what they want, when they want and how they want it?

Coles Digital is an exhilarating and fast-paced team focused on delivering continued innovation and enhanced personalised services to customers, team members and stores. The heavily team-oriented environment provides team members with plenty of networking opportunities whilst working on cross-functional and multi-platform projects in the digital space. Technical, business focused or creative; you’ll find endless career paths to explore!

Example rotations:
  • Operations
  • Loyalty (flybuys)
  • Marketing / Digital Services
  • Infrastructure, Planning and Delivery
  • Multichannel
  • Point of Sale Systems


What effect does store location have on sales? What influence does promotional activity have over our customers’ purchasing behaviour? How do you build strategic business and financial initiatives?

With an annual turnover of approximately $300 billion and 18 million customer transactions a week, your Coles Finance career gives you so much more than a standard finance and accounting experience.

Did you know: if you choose the dedicated finance stream, we support you to complete your CA or CPA qualification during the program!

Example rotations:
  • Financial Accounting
  • Commercial Finance
  • Commercial and Strategic Business Partnering

Financial Services

Do you think it should be easier for Australians to access great financial services? What does it take to shake up the financial services industry? How can you help to make Coles customers better off?


Coles Financial Services is taking a fresh and innovative approach to the industry with a focus on our customers. From the Mobile Wallet to the No Annual Fee credit card to the Coles Price Beat Guarantee, Coles Financial Services continues to find new ways to offer value to customers and change the way that people think about the financial services industry. As a Financial Services graduate, you will play a critical role in an exciting and rapidly growing part of the Coles business. You will be a part of the journey to grow the business from the ground up surrounded by people who share your passion for making a difference to customers.

Example rotations:
  • Credit Cards
  • Car & Home Insurance
  • New Product Development
  • Payment Services

Human Resources

What does it take for 100,000 personalities to deliver a great customer experience to millions of Australians, every day? How do you ensure team members have the right skills and tools to meet the needs of customers? How do you deliver flexible working environments for thousands of people?

From developing our diverse team, recruiting top talent or enabling flexible work environments, there’s plenty of opportunity for our HR graduates to influence the future of Coles, create the best place to work for our team and ensure our customers come first.

Example rotations:
  • Recruitment
  • Advisory
  • HR Business Partner
  • Learning and Development
  • Organisational Development


Our Legal stream is new for 2017!!

How do you deliver high quality legal services in a fast-paced, multifunctional organisation? Do you want to support the implementation of new or changing legislation? How can you effectively negotiate cutting edge and complex agreements? 


As a Legal Graduate, you will develop skills across a broad array of contractual platforms, work in a multifaceted regulatory environment and turn strategy into concrete deals, as well as get exposure to the broader world of law! 


Did you know: if you choose the dedicated Legal stream, you will gain experience which could count towards your admission during the program!

Example rotations:
  • Risk and Compliance
  • Legal Team (including Merchandise hub)
  • Property development


Did you know that the oldest known recipe is for beer?

Coles Liquor provides you with a fantastic opportunity to join a passionate team whose vision is to be Australia's favourite Liquor stores.

As a Liquor Graduate your journey will cover a two year generalist program working across our three brands, Liquorland, Vintage Cellars and First Choice. This provides you with a diverse range of functions such as Buying & Trading, Marketing, Supply Chain, Operations and Business Transformation. You will develop key skills such as negotiating, sourcing new products and engaging key internal and external stakeholders. So if you believe the glass is always half full and you are ready to make a difference, the Liquor Graduate Program is for you!



Example rotations:
  • Buying and Trading (merchandise)
  • Marketing
  • Supply Chain
  • Liqupr Direct Online Business
  • Operations
  • Business Transformation


What new ideas and initiatives can improve customer satisfaction and save customers money? How do you use customer feedback, trends and behaviours to develop strategies to ensure Coles remains competitive? How do you choose the best brand ambassadors?

From communicating with millions of Australians every week, analysing trends in customer behaviour or developing a powerful TV commercial, as a Marketing graduate you will join the innovative team at the cutting edge of retail marketing.

Example rotations
  • Customer Insights
  • Digital Marketing
  • Campaign Marketing
  • Advertising
  • Store Development

Network Planning

How does Coles decide where, when and how big new stores should be? How are decisions made about which stores should be extended, replaced or refurbished?

The Network Planning team are at the heart of this decision making process leveraging our rich store, competitor and demographic data in combination with some sophisticated forecasting models. We work across food, fuel, liquor and online businesses.

Example rotations

  • Supermarket sales forecasting
  • Fuel, Liquor and Coles Online forecasting
  • Sales model development
  • Competitor Intelligence


How do we manage over 4,500 suppliers? As well as the product we sell, there are lots of products and services we need to purchase in order to do business, such as product packaging and shopping baskets – these are what we call “goods not for resale”.

At Coles, we spend over $3.5 billion on goods not for resale and our procurement team manages this spend, avoiding risk and ensuring we’re able to reinvest savings in value for customers in store. From Marketing Agencies to Trolley Collection Services, Procurement partners with all brands to drive Category Strategies, go to market execution and supplier performance management programs.

Example rotations

  • Procurement Transformation
  • Store Operations and Capital
  • Supply Chain
  • Marketing and Corporate Services

Product Development

Are you passionate about food and product innovation? Are you passionate about working with suppliers to design and develop products that meet the needs of everyday shoppers? Do you long to see a product you've worked to develop on your local supermarket shelf? How would you like the opportunity to be part of one of Australia’s biggest brands?

In the Coles Brand team at Coles, we spend our time immersed in products- eating them, designing and developing them, problem solving with their quality and  making sure they are grown and/or made in a responsible way. No two days will be the same, and as a Graduate part of the Coles Brand team, you will learn how to develop innovative and world class products. 

Example rotations:

  • Product Development  Grocery
  • Product Development  Fresh
  • Product Development  Non-Food
  • Packaging
  • Quality Testing
  • Coles Brand Events 


Product Technology

Are you passionate about food? Do you feel a desire to make sure all the foods sold are not only safe but great quality? Do you care for the world in which we live? Do you long to see a product you've worked to develop on your local supermarket shelf? How would you like to help change the face of food manufacturing in Australia? 

In the Quality, Responsible Sourcing and Technology team here at Coles we spend our time immersed in products - eating them, checking they meet specification, visiting the factories and farms in which they are made or grown, solving problems with their shelf life or quality and making sure they are grown or made in a responsible way. No two days will be the same and you will learn more about food manufacturing and farming then you could have ever imagined. 

Because this is a specialised stream, it's likely you'll stay in the same stream for the full two years of your program.

Example rotations:
  • Product Technology – Grocery
  • Responsible Sourcing and Agriculture
  • Quality Management
  • Supplier Placement


How do you determine the best locations and sites for supermarkets, liquor and convenience stores? What goes into acquiring and developing a new site? How do we deliver the best customer experience through the physical aspects of property?

Whether it be consulting with local councils and communities, negotiating new and existing leases or expanding and refurbishing stores and DCs, there is plenty of opportunity for our Property graduates.

Example rotations
  • Retail Leasing
  • Lease Management
  • Acquisitions
  • Development


What is the future of retail and how do we stay ahead of our competition? How do we keep up to date with evolving trends and use them to enhance our customer proposition? Which are the big opportunities we should focus on?

The Strategy & Delivery team gives you the unique opportunity to work on key business strategies and high visibility projects. You will develop strong analytical skills, personal communication skills, commercial acumen and project delivery foundations.

Example rotations:

  • Fresh Food & Innovation
  • Liquor Transformation 
  • Expansion into New Channels & Services 
  • Simplify Supply Chain & Store Operations
  • Create Trusted Value
  • Deliver a Better Store Network

Supply Chain

How do you manage the delivery of products to 2,200 sites across Australia? How do you get the right products and quantity on time to stores? How do you improve processes in- store to keep shelves full and products available to customers?

From improving product availability, reducing loss and waste and developing effective supply chain processes and systems, there’s plenty of opportunity for change and innovation for a Supply Chain graduate.

Example rotations:
  • Transport
  • Logistics
  • Replenishment
  • Procurement

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