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Benjamins Graduate experience! Cross-functional move

 Benjamin - real story

The chance to rotate cross-functionally was a highlight of my graduate experience at Coles! Essentially, a cross-functional move is the opportunity to rotate through separate parts of the business. A opportunity that Coles encourages you take advantage of to set you up as a well-rounded Graduate at the end of your experience .

My journey started in Store Commercial, the vital link between Store Support Centre and our stores. I gained significant knowledge and experience in how our stores run, what their needs are and, subsequently, how to best land changes at store-level. My next stop was the Strategy & Delivery (S&D) team, the beating heart of our business’ analytical thought and long-term planning.

Now I look at answering the following questions:

How do we secure future growth? What would happen if we started selling a new class of product? What will the Australian market look like in 5 years?

The demands of the S&D team couldn’t have been more different to that of Store Commercial. My knowledge of store operations is highly valued by the S&D team which illustrates the merit in completing a cross functional move to both add value to your Graduate experience, and to the teams you move into.

Different teams meant different ways of thinking and tackling problems. Different teams also meant meeting people from all over the business. Different teams meant gaining an intimate knowledge of our business. I can't recommend it enough!

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Beths Graduate experience! Going from working in store to the Store Support Centre

  Beth - real story

I’m a Human Resources Graduate based in the Store Support Centre but my career with Coles started back in 2011 where I worked in the Deli. Throughout University I worked part time at Coles and after I graduated I knew I wanted to keep pursuing a career with Coles which is why I applied for the Graduate Program.


I knew Coles was a place I wanted to work from the get go. It’s all about the culture, people, fast paced environment, accountability, opportunities and experiences. I was looking for the exposure and opportunities and knew the Graduate Program was the best way to get it.


I thought completing the 8 weeks in stores as part of the program over my first two month as a Graduate would be a piece of cake! Little did I know I probably learnt more in my 8 weeks then I have in my 5 years of working at Coles. I was also in stores with a few other graduates which made my transitions from stores to the SSC super easy.


Being a HR Graduate, some of my rotations allow me to work quite closely with stores. The one thing which benefits me the most is being able to relate to operation matters and queries from a stores level. Working in stores, you deal with the nitty gritty operation, logistics, team member and customers problems every day which gives you such a better understanding of what every person is ultimately working towards!

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Claires Graduate experience! Major Project

 Claire - real story

As part of the formal Graduate Program curriculum, you undertake a major project in your second year.


In groups of four you are given the opportunity to solve a real-life business problem, for our team this meant we were challenged with “how can we be innovative and industry leading in our commitment to the responsible service of alcohol”.


The projects are often cross functional, meaning you work with different stakeholders and a vast array of areas across the business. As a team, you manage all aspects of the project, including defining the problem, scoping, planning, stakeholder management and everything in between. This culminates in a presentation of your final solution to a Board as well as the opportunity to present to our Managing Director.


What is so great about the major project is you have the opportunity to dramatically change the way we do things. You and your team own that idea from its infancy and there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing that come to life!

Check out our teams you could join page to learn more about which stream is right for you!

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