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Interview and Resume Tips

Know your stuff!

Interview Tips



Be Prepared

Check out our website for more information on working at Coles, what we look for and what we can offer you.  Think about what you would like to ask at the Interview too.


Dress to Impress

You will be the face of Coles to our customers.  A neat, clean and professional appearance is important to us. A well presented team helps customers identify team members in our stores and promotes a professional team image that we can be proud of.


Practice Makes Perfect

To combat any nerves you may have, prepare as best you can for the interview. Role play with your family and friends and practice answering common interview questions.   It will only help you feel more confident and relaxed when it comes to the big day.


Be Punctual

Arrive early so you can locate the store and become familiar with your surroundings.  If you arrive early, it gives you the chance to grab a seat, take a deep breath and give yourself some time to feel calm and relaxed before your interview.


Show us the Real ‘You’

We understand interviews can be nerve-racking but just remember we get it; we’ve all been there. Don’t forget to show us your smile, use eye contact and relax.  Let us see your real personality and what makes you, ‘You’.


Resume Tips


Although it’s not mandatory to have a Resume with us, it’s great additional information which will help provide a better insight for our recruitment team.  After all….we would love to hear about all things “You”!


The types of information we would recommend for a resume include:

  • Your full name (First Name and Surname), address details, email details and contact phone number/s we can reach you on

  • Education details (School/Uni/TAFE/Courses) including any achievements, clubs, teams you may or have been be involved in

  • Any licences or qualifications which could be relevant to roles you are applying for e.g. RSA

  • Awards you may have won or participation in competitions and events

  • Hobbies and Interests e.g. do you love watching Master Chef as much as us?

  • Any charity or volunteer work you may have had

  • If you have had the opportunity to work already then we’d love to see what your employment details are, provide details on:

    • Company Name

    • Duties involved (don’t be skimpy on the detail, provide lots of info on this!)

    • Dates you were employed here (approx. dates ok, month and year from and to)

    • Any achievements whilst working here e.g. employee of the month, most sales, meeting targets

    • Team tasks or goals you may have met e.g. best store in the region


Remember your Resume doesn’t need to be fancy smancy… the best resumes are;

  • Easy to read (simple language, titles/headings to break up info, use bullet points)

  • Simple (not too many fonts or colours, black text, word document)

  • Provide enough information without going into too much detail which isn’t relevant.  Try keep your resume to between 1 and 4 pages max. 

  • Let your personality shine ….remember we want to get a sense of who “you” are… we’re deep like that. 


Happy resume writing! We look forward to receiving your application!

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