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Information for Parents and

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What are the legal ages a child can commence work?


The minimum age of employment differs across Australia, because each State/Territory has its own legislative rules.  Click here to find out more information


In some situations we may require written permission from parents or carers before a child commences employment. In these situations, the store will guide you through processes and let you know the information they require.


What to expect in a Coles Recruitment process



Application Stage


The first step in the Coles recruitment process for team member positions is to complete an Expression of Interest Application.  For further details please click on “How to apply”.


In a nutshell, this step captures your child’s preferences and important details such as availability and what stores they wish to work at.  You may want to guide your child through what are suitable store preferences i.e. if public transport is required you may need to check routes and time tables first.


In regards to availability, make sure your child indicates which days and times will be suitable on an on-going basis.  This information will help stores plan rosters and see what departments may be a good match.

Once the Expression of Interest Application is completed, your child will be guided through any other steps in the process, an online customer service assessment may be required as the next step in the process.  All instructions and information will be provided when this arises.


From here your child will be notified on email about positions that arise from stores, please review details provided and check closing date information.  Once an application for the store is completed our recruitment team will assess suitability against store criteria.  Your child should receive an email communication either way which will say whether your child will progress to the next stage or whether they may have been unsuccessful on that occasion.


If your child is unsuccessful in the process, please remember that sometimes our processes can be pretty competitive; we would encourage your child to re-apply with that store or others in the future.



Interview Stage


If your child is successful in reaching the interview stage they will receive an email communication to notify them of interview times we have available.  Instructions will be provided on how to book, please remember sometimes the amount of interview times can be limited so we would recommend booking in as soon as possible. Alternatively you or your child may hear directly from the store to arrange a suitable time. Details of what’s required for the interview e.g. what to bring, will be provided in the email notification.


The interview will usually be no longer than 30 minutes unless otherwise notified and is an opportunity for our store team to get to know your child and provide details on the positions we have available.  Please see “Interview tips” for further information.  The interviews will be after school hours, weekends or during school holidays.

After the interview, your child will either hear directly from the store if they are successful to discuss Induction and starting details.  If for any reason your child may be unsuccessful communication may be received on email.



Online offer details


After receiving a verbal offer and starting details from the store directly, your child should receive an email from the recruitment team which will formalise the offer of employment and will also provide instructions of what information is needed e.g. bank, tax, emergency contact details


It is important to ensure this information is completed with absolute accuracy so it would be highly recommended for you to assist in this area.  Should your child experience any issues with completing these online requirements please contact the store as soon as possible so the store or our recruitment team can assist.


What to expect when your child is working with us


  • We can offer flexible working arrangements at your local store that will fit in with your child’s school work. No long travel times or late shifts here!


  • School students are rostered for shifts in the afternoons, evenings and weekends, with additional shifts available during school holidays. A roster will be provided so you will know their shifts in advance, which will make it easier to plan study and family life. All we ask for in return, is that our team turns up ready to work each shift, so we can ensure we exceed our customers’ needs.

  • Our team will be on hand to provide extensive training, support and on-going guidance during your child’s employment with us.  We will comprehensively go through the job role and job responsibilities (including safety requirements and processes involved), ensuring your child will feel safe and comfortable at all times.

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